Every Now and Then (Research with Jason Jacobs (US/DE)

“Every Now and Then” is a show. It’s a show simply for the sake of being a show and is driven by friendship, a curiousity into show-making and a microphone and recorder. Attempting to tackle questions about the voice and the body, as well as notions of the interview, identity and evolution, we were searching … Continue reading

Thibaut Prod’homme: Thoughts on a Brief Body of Noise

My experience of your work was almost closer to a cinematographic one than a theatrical one. I felt a very strong link with the work of Jacques Tati, especially during the second trio with “les vacances de monsieur Hulot”, this kind of very etheric feeling, light headed dancers, similar to music notes dancing on the … Continue reading


Build a rocket boy Go far far away Don’t rush, but don’t take your time. Love will find you out Take a moment to recognize when. Empty the fog Splash the water all over yourself. Wash your dirty hair Stretch your body Lift yourself Logic has shifted towards intuition The more you love, the intelligent … Continue reading

The things that I’d love to learn how to do…

Boxing Speak French Speak German Speak Spanish Read Japanese Cook Lasagne Renovate a Bathroom Build a Bicycle Meditate Become Telepathic Write Non-Fiction Design a Website Design a Poster/Art Work Kendo Fencing Flip Time-Travel Public Speaker Play the Saxaphone Play Jazz Make a Film Be a Father Invest in Real Estate Speak Dutch Drive Stick-Shift (Manual) … Continue reading


I think one of the major hardships of being an artist is finding the balance between communication and contribution. As a choreographer working on my master’s in Europe, it has been a difficult task narrowing, specifying and in certain ways distilling my interests, trajectories and goals. To be clear, I have many. My performance works … Continue reading

Pauline Oliveros – Deep Listening Session


What is performance? WHY do I keep thinking of it a certain way? Performance is a trigger of art. It has happens in the smallest corner and the widest horizon. Performance can only be defined in two contexts: ‘Performance’ is a state of being that is intentional. ‘Performance’ is a state of being that is … Continue reading

Young Blood

My fascination with sound began at an early age. Even before I started dancing, which was relatively early at the age of 12, I had already established a deep friendship with sound and I vividly remember using sound as a way to exemplify my imagination. My sonic perception had numerous ways of blasting me off … Continue reading