Every Now and Then (Research with Jason Jacobs (US/DE)

“Every Now and Then” is a show. It’s a show simply for the sake of being a show and is driven by friendship, a curiousity into show-making and a microphone and recorder. Attempting to tackle questions about the voice and the body, as well as notions of the interview, identity and evolution, we were searching for ways to transcend beyond a song-and-dance form, finding liberty and inspiration through all forms, as a way to discover a new form entirely. In many ways, we were aiming for a new ‘communication’, where expression was not the sole intention, but rather only the departure point for poetic perception. What we unraveled was a playground of communication that thrived in the imagination and where every now it was all part of the show.

Every Now and Then is the culmination of 3 days of choreographic adventure and research with Jason Jacobs (US/DE).

Thanks to ArtEZ Master of Choreography
Arnhem, Netherlands


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