Thibaut Prod’homme: Thoughts on a Brief Body of Noise

My experience of your work was almost closer to a cinematographic one
than a theatrical one. I felt a very strong link with the work of
Jacques Tati, especially during the second trio with “les vacances de
monsieur Hulot”, this kind of very etheric feeling, light headed
dancers, similar to music notes dancing on the string of a bossa nova
score, where the accident is triggering a series of actions almost in
a narrative way. Furthermore to me, this second trio, was very
feminine but before the feminist revolution of the 60s, and quite
sexual at some point too.
Regarding the first trio, in the dance I felt lot of energies, ideas,
some times not channelized at all, and this I like very much. Also I
perceived a slight irony that is planning in the dance and references
to popular culture your making, this is very welcome in the world of
contemporary dance. Some times it was also a bit gross; but why not
after all! As in the work of Valasia, the break in two parts of your
piece really disturbed my focus as a spectator. It is maybe something
you’re seeking. However the second part being much less intense
sensorially speaking, it felt like an aperitif after the main dish.

Thibaut Prod’homme is an astronomer working on his PhD in Leiden, Netherlands


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